Anyone who has followed the recent Yahoo breach (1 billion records and counting) or the demise of Safe Harbor and the rocky rise of the Privacy Shield realizes that the data security and privacy industry has plenty of drama to keep industry professionals on their toes. Data Confidential provides insights on trending topics in the industry and offer links to resources for data professionals. Above and beyond its use as an informational resource, Data Confidential promotes dialogue by exploring the issues that make the headlines.

My own interest in data security and privacy issues stems from my professional experience as Compliance Manager for Elixir Technologies, a software development company that innovates digital information solutions for highly regulated industries like healthcare, insurance, and financial services. I came to Elixir after earning my certificate in paralegal studies from UCSB Extension’s ABA-approved program in 2012. Although I never set out to work in compliance, my training in legal research and writing has proved invaluable in navigating the complex web of international data requirements.

Before my  current incarnation as a Compliance Manager, I pursued a career in education. I spent several years as the Accreditation Coordinator for a K-12 distance learning program offering online and text-based courses. My educational background includes a BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and an MA in English from the University of Washington – Seattle. While my years in academia feel like they happened in another life, I’ve found that the analytical and writing skills I developed as a student have served me well throughout my career.